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This is my Project Page.

3D Design - Basic 3D modeling

A project in the college aimed at introducing and learning various 3D modelling software.

Tools:  Rhino, C4D and Blender.

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3D Design - 3D scene construction

In the project, modelling software was used and hardware programming such as Arduino was used to create an interesting, interactive scene.

Tools:  Blender, Arduino.


Graph design - Login page design

In my opinion, a very interesting login interface design, using cute elements to interact with the user

Tools: Adobe XD

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Graph Design - Post design

The most useful thing I learned in the project was how to use various governmental or corporate standards for the use of design elements, such as how to design posters under the design regulations of the Ontario government.

Tools: Adobe XD, HTML, CSS

Artboard 1.png

Animation - google doodle

In this project, I redesigned Google's logo and associated it with holidays.

Tools: After effect, Illustrator, Photoshop


Dataset - API exploration

In the project, develop and explore the use of the API and how to read the information in the database. I used the animation API to create an animation information website.

Tools: Code Studio, API, Insomnia

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Here are some of my sketches.

Tools: Proceate.

WeChat Image_20220306185617.png
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