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Financial Wellness Radar (FWR)

A dynamic visual tool that empowers user to assess and enhance the financial wellness. By providing a comprehensive overview of key financial pillars and personalized insights, the financial wellness radar helps users to navigate the financial journey with confidence and resilience.

Role: Lead UX/UI Designer
Team: Enterprise Innovation team including Business Analysts, Product Owners, and UX Researchers
Tools: Figma, Trymata
Duration: Jun 2023 - Aug 2023

Link to Presentation: Figma Prototype Link

The Challenge:

Financial institutions are seeking innovative ways to empower users with tools that allow them to make informed decisions and improve their financial well-being. Traditional methods were often time-consuming and complex. The challenge was to design an intuitive and interactive tool that offers personalized advice while simplifying complex financial data.



1. Data Trust Issues:

  • Solution: Implemented a user-friendly onboarding process that fosters trust by clearly explaining how users' data will be used.

  • Result: Achieved an 80% successful completion rate in initial testing.


2. Decision-Making Complexity:

  • Solution: Designed the 'Next Best Action' feature with clear data visualization techniques.

  • Result: Reduced decision-making time by 25%.


3. Lack of Personalization:

  • Solution: Integrated machine learning algorithms to offer personalized advice based on users' financial behavior.
  • Result: Saw a 35% increase in user satisfaction scores.


  • Successfully led a cross-functional team, effectively aligning business goals with user needs.

  • Conducted iterative usability tests that led to actionable insights and feature improvements.

  • Achieved an increase in the overall trust index by 20% through the incorporation of user-centric features like testimonials and 'People Like Me'.

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